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Creating Learning and Innovative Organizations

As an enterprise with over 20 years in the industry, we have always aspired to build a team with a mission, which through constant innovation and research, is able to reassure our users and offer then specialist protection gear.

Two core components of our HR strategy are fostering the correct perception of words and deeds among our team members, and ensuring constant growth in technical skills. Our values are encapsulated in the following motto “Thank life’s blessings, perfect yourself, take on the world with sincerity, and create fortune through good words and deeds.” Professionals, drawn continuously and actively from different disciplines, different backgrounds and with different skillsets are the lifeblood of our enterprise.

Our people are proactive; they communicate and have a good outlook on life. Our teams work together, our departments cooperate, and people take their responsibilities seriously, creating, welcoming new challenges and making the collective work more effective than the sum of its parts. Our mission is our people’s mission.

At SAFETY-INXS, we invest in our people. We offer our team members a positive work environment and excellent professional development opportunities on a fair, open and equitable platform. We strengthen our human resource management and encourage people to shine through both internal promotion and open recruitment, allowing us to meet our future needs and putting our people first, recognizing that excellent team members make for an excellent company.


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