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2018-2019 Shanghai Foreign Trade Independent Brand Demonstration Enterprise


At the beginning of July 2020, Safety-Inxs received good news. In the selection of Shanghai Foreign Trade Independent Brand Demonstration Enterprises in 2018-2019 organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Safety-Inxs was awarded the honorary certification of "2018-2019 Shanghai Foreign Trade Independent Brand Demonstration Enterprise". Only 70 enterprises within the whole of Shanghai have won this honor.

立牌 2018-2019年度 上海外贸自主品牌示范企业 光荣榜 上海进出口商会 2020年7月(1).jpg

Under the background of the national and government's emphasis on economic development after the victory of the epidemic in China, on April 13, 2020, the General Office of Shanghai municipal government issued No.1 document, “Shanghai Plan for Promoting Online Economic Development (2020-2022)”, which clearly put forward four "100" action goals to create a new highland for online economic development, The selection and identification of "industry" is the core component of "four 100", that is to create "100 +" brand products.

The acquisition of this honor is the affirmation and recognition of Safety-Inxs's adherence to the independent brand's road, a deposit and wealth precipitated after 17 years of continuous development of the enterprise, and the driving force for us to pursue higher goals in the future.

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