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Safety-Inxs 2020 "Training Month" Highlights of themed activities


During the theme of "Training Month" in 2020, to further enhance the management awareness and comprehensive quality of the company's executives and above, also to improve the cohesion and organizational vitality of the management team, Shanghai Select Safety Co.; Ltd organized a total of 75 management personnel and associates from August 27 to 28, held the theme training "Learning from Huawei for talent management-building a wolf spirit team" in Diecui Building, Dongshan Hotel, Suzhou. Subsequently, a team-building activity with the theme of "2020 Safety-Inxs Management Team Building" held on the next day.


Through this training, learning and team building activities, everyone felt Huawei's corporate management philosophy, organizational growth history, and team cultural characteristics. During the event, group-based communication, learning and team interaction used to enhance mutual communication and understanding between management teams. The team's sense of collaboration has strengthened, and the team's cohesion has improved, and a practical exercise was carried out for the company's corporate culture construction and building an efficient management team for sustainable learning and development.


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